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This dish will be ready and on the table in 30 mins. Pork and long beans covers your meat and vegetables for the day, giving you a great excuse to think about desert!
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Most people traditionally think of putting chicken with satay, however this recipe brings lamb to life with the beautiful satay flavour we all know and love. Try it out different ways of serving it, with…
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Pork is a really nice meat to eat during summer, especially with the sesame flavour. This recipe is light simple that can accompany a variety of side dishes.
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The Sichuan region of China is renowned for its spicy flavours. Try your tastebuds on exotic combination of pork and capsicum with a stunning Sichuan inflection.

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Spice up your winter menu with this unique combination of lamb and eggplant. The mouth-watering lamb will delight any lunch or dinner guest.
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Fantastically quick and easy. Eat alone, or accompany with other sides to create a wonderful banquet of tasty Asian dishes.
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Ginger is a typical Asian flavour that cleanses your taste buds as well as your insides. Be careful not to over do the ginger flavour though. It has the ability to overpower a dish.
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The leeks and snow peas pleasantly accent the beef in this hearty Asian dish. A decent meal that can stand alone or be served as a complimentary dish.
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The creaminess of cashews balances the chilli flavour hit in this super tasty dish. Ready in less than half an hour. The most beginner chefs will be able to knock this one on the head, no problem.
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Spoil your senses with this tremendously flavoursome dish. Garlic just works so well with mushrooms, and the lamb juices help bring it all together in the end. Give yourself some time for this one though.
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Peppered lamb is a popular favourite in many Asian countries. It's simple and straight-forward to prepare and cook, but the flavours will be anything but simple.
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Chicken, soy and noodles never fails to satisfy. This well-known Chinese recipe can be adjusted to suit any personal preference. Uncomplicated and fast to serve.

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The mixture of butter, honey and mustard with cream in this dish develop an amazingly rich flavour to accompany the lamb and vegetables. Add your favourite vegies to make this dish a personal favourite.
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Quick and easy, this chicken and oyster sauce combination mixed with basil create an outstandingly fragrant aroma with some brilliant flavours to match.
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Experience the ying and yang of sweet and sour flavourings in this delectable dish for all occasions.
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