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Posted by: Scott Ko

The Markets of Melbourne is a collective between four or Melbourne’s largest market’s including the iconic – Queen Victoria Market, Prahran Market, Dandenong Market and South Melbourne Market. The aim of the group is to promote fresh food and to educate consumers about the benefits of market shopping, and to showcase the variety of market vendors eager to share their knowledge. The following are my favourite stalls from each of the markets:


Bill’s Farm

Bill’s Farm sources the best produce from Australia and around the world, with a range that stretches from quality European cheeses, foie gras, deli meats to olive oils and vinegars. Barrels of provolone hang from the ceiling and endless mounds of cheese fulfil the cheese lover’s dream. The boys also own a warehouse where their hand-picked cheeses mature and age prior to selling in-store. If you ever have that cheese craving or find yourself perusing Queen Victoria Markets, be sure to visit ‘Bill’s Farm’ for some of the best quality cheeses in Melbourne.

Bills Farm




The Sweet Greek

‘Sweet Greek’ is easily the most beautifully decorated store at Prahran market. The decor is reminiscent of a chic hipster cafe without the pretentiousness. The store is cozy, warm and inviting. Sweet Tooths will instantly be drawn to the sweet cabinet. Think layers of sweet Baklava, custard filled Galaktobureko (semolina baked custard covered in light pastry), Melmomakarona (walnut syrup biscuits), walnut fig cakes and a host of other eye-catching goodies. Sweet Greek is heaven for lovers of Greek cuisine. The store acts as a homage to Greek migrants, celebrating their heritage and love of food. Kathy herself is a motherly figure approaching customers with a warm smile and willingness to educate. If you are ever in the Prahran area, make sure you check out this special store!







Sam Vavasis’s Peanut Market is a multicultural spectacle that is representative of the ethnic diversity of his customers. The stall itself has been running for over 44 years at the Dandenong market and its popularity is far from slowing. The variety of nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruits is hundreds of times superior to any supermarket variety. Sam has everything from Goji berries, Indian red rice to your everyday almonds and peanuts. In amidst rising health trends, the peanut store are also great supporters of organics, with a range of organic nuts, flours and even gluten free pasta and quinoa. The Peanut Market is celebrating its birthday in September and will also be launching their brand new spanking website. In the mean time, visit the Dandenong Market for amazing diverse produce.

Peanut stall



The Fresh Pasta Shop

The Fresh Pasta Shop is a specialty vendor supplying freshly made pasta and a delicious selection of ready-made sauces, meals and other Italian delicacies. A family owned business, Michael and his son Jason enthusiastically run their business from within the South Melbourne markets. Unsurprisingly,  the Mixed Gnocci is one of Jason’s best selling products – in pre-boiled form, it is incredibly easy to use, taking only 5 minutes to re-heat with your favourite Italian sauce. They also have all sorts of interesting varieties including: squid ink linguine, duck & porcini ravioli, pumpkin gnocchi etc. Nothing beats fresh pasta! Better than any supermarket variety any day. 

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