The Peanut Man

Posted by: Scott Ko

Sam Vavasis’s Peanut Market is a multicultural spectacle that is representative of the ethnic diversity of his customers. The stall itself has been running for over 44 years at the Dandenong market and its popularity is far from slowing. The variety of nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruits is hundreds of times superior to any supermarket variety. Sam has everything from Goji berries, Indian red rice to your everyday almonds and peanuts. One of Sam’s childhood memories was eating almonds with his family and he has definitely translated his passion into his award winning store. ‘ We always source the best produce, we source on quality, not price’. The quality is clear in that most of the nuts are locally sourced, but for the more exotic produce, countries such as the USA, Turkey and Vietnam are prime suppliers.

In amidst the health trend, the peanut store are also great supporters of organics, with a range of organic nuts, flours and even gluten free pasta and quinoa. ‘ We always try to source what the customers want.’ The latest addition to the store are hemp seeds. Although it’s cousin plant is more well known amongst the ‘dudes’ for its psychotropic effects, hemp seeds are actually filled with omega fatty acids that are great for heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits. Personally, I love myself some delicious pistachio crusted lamb chops and the Peanut Market definitely has a limitless supply of all your favourite nuts and grains. The Peanut Market is celebrating its birthday in September and will also be launching their brand new spanking website. In the mean time, visit the Dandenong Market for amazing diverse produce.

Peanut stall

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