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Posted by: Scott Ko

Dandenong Market is a multicultural hub of diversity, embracing cultures from around the world. This diversity means you can find an amazing range of fresh produce from Halal meats, to spices, to the famous ‘Dandee Doughnuts’- a must stop for any Dandenong Market shopper.

As part of the Federal government’s ‘Healthy Communities Initiative’, Dandenong Market received government support to open ‘ The Kitchen’ – an initiative to encourage community based physical activity as well as healthy eating and lifestyle. I visited the Dandenong Market on a dreary Friday afternoon. Walking through the  lively markets, I was drawn to the metallic shine of a professionally fitted kitchen and an expanding crowd of curious shoppers keen to see what the fuss was about. Within the shiny new kitchen was resident chef  Russell Bald, cooking up a storm and emitting a delicious aroma of lesser known African ingredients. The theme for the day was Sudanese cuisine and Russell was demonstrating how to cook Aseeda – a simple dish of cooked rye flour accompanied with a Tagalia stew of minced meat, onions and okra spices. Offering the audience a taste, I thought the resulting dish was winter-warming and tasty, the Aseeda had a texture that was reminiscent of cassava and the Tagalia stew added a spice subtlety. Also, on the menu for the day was a rich vegetable and chicken soup.

Chef - Russell BaldChef - Russell Bald   African

‘The Kitchen’ is a fantastic initiative and is completely free! The themes are different every session and you can catch the free demonstrations every Friday between 1-2pm. The recipes simple, easy, healthy and culturally diverse.  For the month of June, dietitian Yvonne Lin is back with tips and food ideas for flu prevention and cooking demonstrations also include a delicious roast.

Want to try one of their recipes? Check out this recipe for a traditional Kuwaiti chicken dish and Moroccan prawn kebabs with couscous.



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