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One of my favorite stories was told to me like this:

A friend’s roommate went to the dentist, curious to know why some teeth were beginning to feel loose. The dentist took a few glances in his mouth, poked and prodded, and sat back in his chair. “Tell me about your diet,” said the dentist. Hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, beer, baked potatoes. The roommate when on to list a poor – yet not completely uncommon – diet of a university student. It was the first time he had lived away from home, and he was taking all the liberties one could without a mother there forcing him to eat his vegetables.

The dentist shook his head. “You have scurvy,” he said. “Eat an orange.”

Oh, scurvy. Affecting pirates and first-year university boys for centuries.

Vegetables are good for your health, you need not be a brain scientist to know this (although, some of us still need to go to college to learn). Though eating a leafy salad every once in awhile will certainly ward off age-old diseases such as scurvy and rickets, being more deliberate in attempts to eat fruits and vegetables can lead to superior health benefits. Just like online dating profiles, there are certain vegetables that are better on paper than others. Unlike online dating profiles, these foods always live up to their claims. So-called super foods can help you fight disease, ward off obesity, retain energy, and purify appearances- both inside and out.

Super foods

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Below is a list of 10 fruits and vegetables that are considered “super foods”. Try to incorporate these into your meal plan this week, and ward off scurvy just a little longer. Click on each ingredient for a surprise recipe that features that ingredient!

And, just for fun, here are some diseases that you can get from not getting enough nutrition:

Hypokalemia: Not enough potassium (eat a banana!)

Goiter: Iodine deficiency (salt your eggs!)

Anemia: Lacking iron and B12 (eat a steak!)

Beriberi : Not enough thiamine (snack on almonds!)

Pellagra: Deficiency of niacin, or B3 (a PB sandwich will help!)

Rickets: Not enough calcium and sunlight (go outside!)

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