Random fridge tips

Posted by: Scott Ko

Why does it feel like storing food in the fridge is a bit of a roll of the dice? Some stuff keeps perfectly well for ages, but others turn at the blink of an eye. And is slowly coming alive.

Here’s a few random fridge tips to make life a bit easier:

1) Don’t store these in the fridge:

  • Tomatoes – Ideally, eat them fresh. If they’re unripe, leave them in the sun and eat them fresh. Keeping them in the fridge turns them mealy
  • Avocado – Store hard, unripe avocados on the bench. If they’re fully ripe, the fridge may help them keep a day or two longer
  • Potatoes – The fridge converts their starch to sugar more quickly, changing their taste and texture
  • Onions – Store in a cupboard somewhere as light can cause onions to become bitter. Keep away from potatoes too as they often get into arguments and the onions come off worse (ie, they spoil faster).
  • Basil – The cold from the fridge can make them wilt faster, so keep basil on a window sill in a cup of water. Change the water every couple of days

2) Rather than buying expensive herbs all the time, some freeze really well:

  • Thick herbs like rosemary, thyme, and kaffir lime leaves actually freeze really well. Strip the leaves, make sure they’re dry, and freeze them in sealable bags or containers
  • With ginger, prepare them in the way you like to cook, then wrap in plastic and freeze. For example, if you generally cook ginger grated, grate them first then freeze
  • For spring onions, chop them into small bits first, then freeze in small containers or bags

3) For all other vegetables, separate different vegetables from each other, place them in plastic bags and punch a few holes through them for airflow.


Random fridge tips

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