Our partnership with the Markets of Melbourne

Posted by: Scott Ko

Markets of Melbourne

The Markets of Melbourne is a collective between four of Melbourne’s longest running cultural icons: Prahran Market, Queen Victoria Market, Dandenong Market and South Melbourne Market.  They’ve also been one of our earliest supporters, giving a young guy the time of day to present an interesting new idea that they liked and endorsed.  Their support gave us the confidence to turn our idea into reality.

Today, we are proud and excited to announce our partnership with the Markets of Melbourne.  The Markets are a perfect match to the MealDish experience and that’s not some contractually obligated statement! 

The fact is: using MealDish will expose you to a variety of new recipes and ingredients as we continue to add new recipes that rotate with the seasons. The Markets have a much larger range of produce than any supermarket. Not only that, shopping at the Markets provide many more benefits:

  • You get to eat seasonal produce, which is not only healthier and tastier, it’s usually cheaper
  • You’re eating locally sourced produce, which has travelled far less and is less likely to contain preservatives; and
  • You support local farmers and local communities, which in the long run provides more sustainable and affordable produce for everyone.

As part of our partnership, we will continue to feature recipes, contents, events and promotions from the Markets of Melbourne. Next time you go grocery shopping, go check out your nearest market!

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