Our first step

Posted by: Scott Ko

Our first step

Firstly, a big thank you to all of you who have supported MealDish by liking us, talking about us and sharing our site! It’s such an incredible boost!

Though we have launched, this is just our first step. We’re already working on new features to improve MealDish. For example, some of you will have noticed that MealDish is not yet optimised for mobile devices. Others have asked if we can provide online shopping.

Why don’t we have those yet? Because we want YOU to help us shape the future of MealDish. We believe MealDish has enormous potential and we didn’t want to work in isolation. Instead of waiting another couple of years adding feature upon feature, we thought it better to get MealDish up first and see what you want!

So what would you like MealDish to do for you? To get the ball rolling, here’s some big features we’re working on right now:

  • A mobile application
  • For people with allergies or dietary constraints, we are introducing intelligent ingredient substitutions where recipes with offending ingredients are intelligently swapped with acceptable substitutions
  • For the health minded, we’re adding calorie and nutritional information so you can create healthy meal plans
  • And of course, the ability for you to create, upload and share your own recipes and meal plans

What else would you like to see? Comment away!

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