Organically certified Chicken @ The Corner Chicken Shop, Queen Victoria Market

Posted by: Scott Ko

Once upon a time, you would enter the supermarket and there would be a singular category of chicken product. Now there is free- range, organic, no antibiotics, no hormones and a whole host of labels that can be confusing for the consumer.

Shopping at your local market vendor is simpler and healthier. Certified Organic, ‘ The Corner Chicken Shop’ are the only suppliers of envirorganic chicken – available whole or de-boned to produce skinless breast fillets and maryland. The importance of the organic certification is paramount. Without this certification, it cannot be guaranteed that the poultry or meat products that you are purchasing are free from synthetic additives or processes. In addition, there are a whole host of benefits to eating organic:

  • Better for your health : higher in nutrients and essential minerals, free from antibiotics and growth hormones
  • Better for the environment: no use of artificial pesticides and sustainable farming methods
  • Better for animal welfare: happier chickens reared in outdoor areas accredited free-range , no cages
  • Better for taste: quality produce means quality taste, I don’t know about you but I can really taste the difference

In addition to these great organic products, they sell a range that also include:

  • Game meats : kangaroo, duck, rabbit, game birds, crocodile
  • Gourmet : chicken sausages, greek & italian chicken wraps, pre-marinated wingettes & skewers, koftas, dim-sims, sausage rolls, kefethes – all handmade
  • Crumbed : schnitzels, kievs
  • Cooked : freshly roasted chickens, portuguese chicken, dim-sims, honey & soy wings, hot chips

My favourite products would definitively be the packaged duck fat and greek kefethes. Potatoes roasted in duck fat are the crispiest, tastiest and most heavenly potatoes you will ever taste. The kefethes are a traditional family recipe – balls of lean chicken mince seasoned with breadcrumbs, coriander, parsley, herbs with a hint of lemon zest. It is a healthier alternative to beef meatballs, simple to use – pan frying them to stir through with your favourite pasta sauce.

The Corner Chicken Shop has also generously shared some recipes, so keep your eyes peeled for future posts.




The Corner Chicken Shop

Shop 87 – 89, Dairy Produce Hall

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

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