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Posted by: Scott Ko

Happy new year everyone! Hope you’re all filled to the brim with joy, cheer, food, and varying levels of alcoholic beverages (optional) from the festive season!


2013 was an exciting year for us, what with our launch and all, but now we’re in a new year and that means new developments, more features, and more cool things to come! Here’s a little preview of all the new things we’re looking to implement within the next 12 months:


–       Mobile access – A bit of a no-brainer given how much we’re all plugged in these days! If you were wondering why this wasn’t part of our launch, the simple answer is that we didn’t know what the mobile experience needed to look like. We wanted to get MealDish out there first so people can start playing around with it, then design the mobile experience later. That said, we’re gunning for a multi-platform, multi-account experience. Use your phone to create a meal plan, shoot the shopping list off to your significant other, then use your tablet to access tonight’s dinner recipe. One account, one plan, all devices.


–       Recipe tags – Our technology is great at excluding things you don’t want to eat or you’re allergic to, but what about recipes that you want to eat? What if you wanted a meal plan that features more pasta recipes? Or spicy recipes? Or recipes that kids will enjoy? We’re introducing recipe tags to do just that.


–       Seasonality – Want to eat seasonally but it’s too much effort to work out what’s in season? We’re about to switch on a new algorithm that fills your meal plan with recipes featuring produce that are more likely to be in season. You’ll get to eat healthier, tastier foods whilst supporting locally sourced produce!


–       Intelligent substitutions – Don’t quite have everything you need for a recipe? Or perhaps there are just some foods you can’t eat? We’re investigating how we can make our database smarter so our technology can recommend intelligent substitutions into your recipes.


What else do you want to see from MealDish to make your life easier? Comment below!

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