MealDish usage tips – Dietary requirements

Posted by: Vivian Trac

Are you allergic to anything? Can’t eat gluten? Break out in a rash every time you eat some nuts? Just plain don’t want to eat capsicum??

It’s downright frustrating when you find a new recipe that you want to try, only to realise that it contains something you can’t or don’t want to eat. We’ve got you covered!

If you’re creating a meal plan or just browsing recipes, you can exclude entire food groups  or specific ingredients, and MealDish will not recommend any recipes with those ingredients!

For example, if you’re lactose intolerant, check the ‘Dairy’ food group. Recipes generated will not contain cheese, milk, or other dairy products. If you’re a coeliac and can’t eat gluten, check the ‘Grains’ food group which knocks out any raw ingredients that are grain-based, such as pasta, noodles or bread.

Let MealDish do the hard work for you, and have fun cooking!

MealDish usage tips - Dietary requirements

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