MealDish official launch!

Posted by: Scott Ko

MealDish is officially live! After years of designs, discussions, inspirations, doubts, the highs of success and the lows of rejections, we are excited to finally launch MealDish to the world!

So what is it? Simply put, MealDish helps you answer the question: “What’s for dinner?” For those of you who regularly cook for yourself or your family, you’ll understand how hard that question can be to answer… well, unless your answer is: “Fast food, every day”.

There is an incredible amount of food choices available nowadays, on top of which there are volumes of education out there vying for your attention. From the diet of the day to superfood fads to allergies to food pyramids and food warnings. “What’s for dinner?” now means: “What’s for dinner that is healthy, correctly portion sized, contains the right number of meat and vegetable servings, is organically grown, unprocessed, sustainable, locally sourced, and affordable? Oh, and is something I might like to eat?” Little wonder the hardest part of home cooking is figuring out what to cook!

Too many decisions

This is where MealDish steps in. We take the work out of cooking by recommending personalised recipes to suit your tastes and scaling ingredient quantities for your household. You’ll know exactly what you need to buy before you even leave the house, and you’ll have everything you need in the fridge for your dinner. We’ll save you time, effort and money while helping you figure out what’s for dinner.

But this is just the start! Our first step on our journey to completely revolutionise how people approach food. Won’t you join us?

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