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Posted by: Scott Ko

Melbournians are self-confessed coffee snobs, contemptuously turning up our noses at Starbucks and professing our undying love for Australian independent cafes. The major error that Starbucks made was attempting to impose Americanised tastes into a market that had an existing coffee culture. A culture that would faint at the sight of whipped cream on any beverage,  yet alone accept the excessive sweetness of frappas, machiattos and pumpkin spiced what-nots. Coffee has become integral to the Melbourne lifestyle and with that has exploded a myriad of cafes that produce quality coffee. 

Market lane is a small specialty roasting house with 4 locations in Melbourne. The QVM location was opened last year to much fanfare. Located within the deli hall of the markets, the white tiles and bespoke wood interior contrast the hanging barrels of cheese and meaty aromas of deli meats.  Similar to its flagship store in Prahran, a variety of coffee beans sourced globally, are also available for purchase for those of us that prefer to brew coffee at home. There is no seating, but the idea is to quickly order your favourite coffee and take it away on your market stroll. Staff are trained to be knowledgeable about beans and food is a minor consideration with a few muffins and cakes on display. It’s all about the coffee at Market Lane, so grab a latte and perhaps enjoy it with some QVM doughnuts in hand.

Market Lane

 Market Lane  Market Lane

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