Loqmah Heaven

Posted by: Scott Ko

A great characteristic of the Dandenong area is the multicultural diversity that brings together a wide range of nationalities from across the globe. The Dandenong market is one such haven, and if turkish sweets are hard to come by in Melbourne, Loqmah Heaven is your go-to destination. Situated across from Market Square, freshly baked Turkish sweets are available for the sugar and filo pastry worshipper.

When people think of Turkish cuisine, an immediate association is baklava. A rich, sweet, pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and held together with syrup or honey. Who could blame them? It’s heavenly. When I visited Loqmah, the store attendant fancied a bit of story telling. Apparently, Baklava was first derived during the Ottoman empire originally as a savoury dish, it wasn’t until one of the emperors desired a sweet treat, that syrup and honey was added to create a special treat. Very interesting, indeed.

Custard Baklava

You can actually buy an assorted sample pack of Turkish pastries if decisions are not your strong point. But as the name suggests, Lokma is the specialty at this market stall. Spherical balls of deep fried dough soaked in sugar syrup or honey. A+ on deliciousness, particularly when dipped in melted chocolate. If you are ever in the Dandenong market area, grab a pack of Turkish sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Walnut Kodayif

Sample pack

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