High Calorie Foods That Are Good For You

Posted by: Scott Ko

The sun is shining and summer is fast approaching. Some of us may be lamenting over our winter food bellies and casting a second thought to our food choices. Pizza and burgers are definitely out of the question, but not all high calorie foods are unhealthy. The following healthy foods are fantastic in moderation with plenty of nutrients and energy; however don’t eat too much as they may cause you to exceed your daily energy limit. I must note that I am not saying to not eat these foods, but just be wary of how much you consume:

1. Smoothies/Juices

Loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies can be a great source of vitamins; however it is probably the one that is most misused amongst dieters. Because it is in liquid form and contains plentiful amounts of fruit, many have become privy to believing that limitless amounts of smoothies and juices have an inconsequential effect on their calorie intake. For example, a typical original sized smoothie from Boost can contain upwards  of 455 calories. I don’t know about you, but I generally consume Boost as a snack or as a drink accompanying my meal. If you add this to the calories you assume day-to-day, you can imagine that multiple smoothies can really add up. Being a short female, 1300 calories is approximately the amount I consume for weight maintenance. If I were to consume two original smoothies, that would equate to approx 900/1300 of my daily limit, without having even eaten anything. Personally, I adore smoothies, just be careful of how much you consume. Nothing beats water and fresh fruit, if health is your goal.

2. Avocado

Mmm… an avocado smash is a perfect way to start the day. Or even better, a giant bowl of guacamole. Smooth, creamy and nutritious – full of fibre, vitamin C and many other nutrients, the avocado is both delicious and healthy. They are also known as a good source of healthy fats essential for heart health. However, a whole avocado can range between 300 and 500 calories depending on size, so don’t eat too much!

3. Salads with dressing

The vegetables itself are pretty harmless, but it is generally the dressing and additional toppings that can create excess calories. Caesar salad is a nightmare with creamy dressing, croutons, parmesan and bacon. There is a reason why it tastes so delicious. Opt for simple olive oil or balsamic vinegar type dressings as healthier alternatives.


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