‘The Fresh Pasta Shop’ @ The South Melbourne Markets

Posted by: Scott Ko

‘ The Fresh Pasta Shop’ is a specialty vendor supplying freshly made pasta and a delicious selection of ready-made sauces, meals and other Italian delicacies. A family owned business, Michael and his son Jason enthusiastically run their business from within the South Melbourne markets.

I shared a friendly chat with Jason as he explained to me the differences between fresh and dried pasta. I admitted my unfamiliarity with using the product and he promptly supplied me with an awesome freebie – Mixed Gnocchi (spinach, tomato, potato and pumpkin). Unsurprisingly,  the Mixed Gnocci is one of Jason’s best selling products – in pre-boiled form, it is incredibly easy to use, taking only 5 minutes to re-heat with your favourite Italian sauce.  Fresh pasta is also texturally superior compared to the dried supermarket varieties. 


Image: Jason and his sister at the stall, image supplied by ‘ The Fresh Pasta Shop’ 

How to use ?

Fresh pasta should take approximately 1-3 minutes to cook, when the pasta floats on top it is ready for use. Drain immediately, drizzle with olive oil or desired Italian pasta sauce. For pre-boiled varieties, there is no need for cooking, simply warm your saucepan with your favourite variety and reheat for approximately 5 minutes. Simple and easy !

Recommended products from ‘ The Fresh Pasta Shop’ 

– Mixed Gnocchi (Spinach, Tomato, Potato and Pumpkin), with Spicy Matriciana Sauce (Tomato, Onion, Bacon, Hot Salami and Chilli)

–  Meredith Goasts Cheese, Basil and Pinenut Pesto Ravioli, served with traditional Napoli sauce (Tomato, Onion and Basil) or with butter and fresh sage

– Duck and Porcini Mushroom Ravioli, served with butter and fresh sage

‘ The Fresh Pasta Shop’ also have speciality favoured pasta which can be purchased separately or used all together to create a beautiful seafood marinara mix including:
1) Chilli and Smoked Paprika Linguine
2) Spinach Linguine
3) Squid Ink Linguine

With the sudden health craze and rising obesity rates, pasta has gained a tarnished reputation for its high carbohydrate content. Pasta is in fact incredibly healthy, the trick is to portion control and compensate by adding lean protein and vegetables in the mix. In wholewheat form, it provides a valuable source of insoluble fibre important for digestive health. Users tend to go crazy with portion size and fatty, creamy sauces which would turn anything into an artery clogger. A pile of about the size of an adult fistful or 1 cup is the recommended portion size.

‘ The Fresh Pasta Shop’ also sell gluten free varieties and are introducing a range with added protein for you gym hunks out there.  So, if your a local or in the area, make sure you check out ‘ The Fresh Pasta Shop’.

Images (Top to Bottom) : Squid Ink Linguine, Various Pastas, Mixed Gnocchi Mix 

The Fresh Pasta Shop

Shop 22, 322- 326 Coventry St, South Melbourne




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