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Some of my favorite memories growing up are associated with food. While some of these include special ‘first’ moments such as my first foray into raw tuna, navigating a bustling asian night market for the first time, or my first encounter with room service, many more were quiet, private moments set around the circular dinner table of my parents’ home. These family dinners were where I told the story of how my team got second place in the school spelling bee. They were where my sister recounted her star basketball moments. They were where, once we kids were off to college, we came home to and shared the ups and downs of campus life. They were where my parents sometimes jokingly fought and other times fightingly joked.


These days, I insist on my own family’s dinner together each night, even though my ‘family’ consists of just me and my husband. It would certainly be easier some nights to heat up two big bowls of soup and sit down in front of the next season of Breaking Bad, or worse, zoned out in front of our own computer screens like we do during the day. But together, facing one another at the table, we both realize that these moments, between shared plates and communal bowls, are sometimes the only chance we have to exchange our thoughts and have a real conversation with one another. In fact, during the busiest of days, it’s a time of day I look forward to the most.


If you don’t know this from your own childhood, then you’ll learn at some point- there is no such thing as a perfect family, and rare is the concept of the perfect family dinner. So, my expectations for a successful family dinner is based around one factor: to sit down together. Don’t sweat it if someone brings a last minute guest and you have to heat up canned corn for a side dish. Don’t worry if you’ve broken down and ordered chicken nuggets for that one member of the family who has refused to eat vegetables that week.


Even though Mealdish aims to make planning a home-cooked meal seamless, easy, and good for the whole family, we know that not everyone will eat everything, every time. So while we always aim to provide balanced meals that everyone can enjoy, we hope that your dinners are at least enjoyed together, exchanging stories and creating memories that will last long after the final dish is cleared.

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