Dutch Poffertjes @ The Dandenong Market

Posted by: Scott Ko

Husband and wife duo, Johan and Mariette Tegrotenhuis have been serving dutch poffertjes at the Dandenong Market for over 13 years. It’s quite an extensive time period considering most married couples would have aggravated each other to oblivion by now. It’s a testament to their strong business partnership and personal relationship that Johan and Mariet are still happily serving little plates of buttery fluffy goodness to hungry market shoppers.

Johan was originally in the printing industry and Mariette arrived in Australia 33 years ago. They purchased a small food van and decided that the area was missing out on the joy that poffertjes brought to the Dutch. As with any new idea, they were unsure of the success of their recipe, but a a decade later, the popularity and consistency of their product has made their little food van a Dandenong market staple. Little children and adults are regular customers, ensuring that a visit to the little silver van is part of their market shop.


Poffertjes or better known – dutch pancakes, are mini pancakes cooked in a special cast iron pan with cupped indentations giving the sweet treat a puffed up appearance. If you are wondering about the pronunciation, Johan taught me to think of the word ‘ sausages’ but replaced with a ‘P’. Good tip indeed.  They are small in diameter and addictive with a light, fluffy texture that melts in the mouth. Johan and Mariet serve their poffertjes with a host of deliciously evil toppings including whipped cream, maple syrup, berries, golden syrup, icing sugar and butter. Deliciously evil in the sense of an expanding waistband , but hey, everyone deserves a sweet treat every now and then. I preferred the  minimalistic approach, smothering mine in good ol’ butter. The melted butter provided a hint of salty goodness intertwined with the sweetness of the syrup. The sweet tooth was definitely satisfied, although I wondered if melted chocolate could be an even better alternative. The van is situated near the northern food court and is a definite winner for those of us that enjoy a sweet treat.

Mini Pancakes Mini pancakes


Dutch Poffertjes

Northern Food Court

Dandenong Market

Cleeland St

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