Dark Chocolate Tea?! @ QVM

Posted by: Scott Ko

The humble cup of tea can bring a moment of afternoon tranquillity to a frantic day. A cup of oolong tea with Yum Cha is a simple pleasure enjoyed by my family at Sunday Yum Cha sessions. It is commonly known that tea is high in antioxidants but there are also many other benefits.

Benefits of Tea

  • Tea reduces the risk of heart attack and helps to protect against cardiovascular disease
  • High antioxidant properties that help protect against numerous forms of cancers
  • Tea contains fluoride and tannins that assist to keep plaque at bay
  • Higher immune activity in daily tea drinkers
  • Tea increases your metabolism and some chinese varieties reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure
  • Hydrating to the body, much healthier than caffeine!

On one of my visits to the QVM, I came across a tea vendor that sold unique varieties of tea that I had never seen before. The Japanese Morning dew was aesthetically pleasing with various remnants of pink and yellow petals scattered through the brew. Then there were some crazier varieties such as Mango Sencha, Dark Chocolate and Caramel. If you are bored of the generic versions at Supermarkets, head down to ‘Green Valley Spices’ to excite the tastebuds.

Japanese Morning Dew

Morning Dew

Dark Chocolate Tea

Dark Chocolate

Mango Sencha Tea 


Lemongrass & Ginger

Lemongrass & ginger

Green Valley Spices  (next door) 

Stalls 36-40

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

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