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Posted by: Scott Ko

The humble cup of tea can bring a moment of afternoon tranquility to a frantic day. A cup of oolong tea with Yum Cha is a simple pleasure enjoyed by many Chinese families on the weekend. It is commonly known that tea is high in antioxidants, but chinese varieties can also assist to reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. It is one of the many reasons why the Chinese enjoy a cup of tea following a calorie rich meal.

One of my childhood memories was traveling to a tea house in Kunming, China, where we tasted varietals of Pu’erh tea – a compressed and fermented chinese tea shaped in a circular disc. I remember giggling as the tea master taught us how to properly taste tea – slurping the tea loudly and making humorous faces. In hindsight, it was similar to the process of wine tasting where slurping and sucking air aerates the tea to fine-tune flavours.

Unfortunately, we can’t travel to Asia on a whim to enjoy a cup of tea but you can purchase quality tea leaves from Cuppa Cha at Prahran Market or at their online store (free delivery!).

I met Tania at the Prahran markets who explained that Cuppa Cha tea was sourced directly from China, Taiwan and India. Co-owner Jeff travels to different provinces in China meeting the tea masters who have supplied them with quality hand plucked tea leaves. Some of the categories are organic, but most importantly are ethically sourced. In 2013, the Guardian exposed a tea plantation used by Delhi House that payed their workers a meagre 12p an hour. Consequentially, many young girls were easy prey for slave traffickers who lured them away from their families with a false promise of a better life. This highlights that buying tea from specialty market stalls, not only deliverers superior taste and quality, but also ensures that the tea has been ethically sourced. Cuppa Cha takes great care in sourcing their tea leaves and the owners are passionate about supplying authentic Chinese Teas.

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The categories of Tea you can purchase from Cuppa Cha include: Black, Green, White, Oolong and Yellows. Their most recently introduced teas include First Flush Darjeeling and Organic Rooibos. Tania also hinted that they were thinking of sourcing some Pu’erh. If your a fan of Chinese Teas, definitely visit Cuppa Cha at Prahran markets or check out their online store.


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