Cheese & Bill’s Farm @ Queen Victoria Market

Posted by: Scott Ko

On a stifling 42 degree day, I visited the Queen Victoria Market. Relieved of the sun’s burning rays, I headed to the Dairy Hall and stumbled upon Bill’s farm. A charming delicatessen with some of the friendliest service in town. I shared a chat with Thras – part owner of Bill’s Farm who is passionate about cheese and finding quality produce for their stall. There is a vast difference between mass-produced cheeses made in factories and those that are properly matured and aged. Bill and Thras – old time work buddies,  understand that quality beats quantity any day and became co-owners of ‘ Bill’s Farm’. The result of a very productive ‘ mid-life crisis’ Thras jokingly asserts.

Bill’s Farm sources the best produce from Australia and around the world, with a range that stretches from quality European cheeses, foie gras, deli meats to olive oils and vinegars. I ask Thras, ‘ What does he look for in a quality cheese?’. ‘ Exclusivity, taste, and flavour, we don’t want any standard cheese that you can buy in supermarkets’, he replies. Looking around the store, I see truffled triple cream brie imported from France, organic goat’s cheese and ‘barrels’ of hanging provolone. For a man whose idea of a perfect weekend is relaxing with a cheese platter, truffled brie, octopus and a bottle of wine- they have definitely translated their love of Europe and quality into their store. The boys also own a warehouse where their hand-picked cheeses mature and age prior to selling in-store. Thras informs me that there is no stock-standard period for ageing, the period of time differs depending on the variety of cheese. Some age for 2-3 months, others longer, whereas cheddar improves with age. Thras also kindly shared a delicious risotto recipe featuring their reggiano and labna.

So, if you ever have that cheese craving or find yourself perusing Queen Victoria Markets, be sure to visit ‘Bill’s Farm’ for some of the best quality cheeses in Melbourne.


Bill’s Farm Shop 17-20, Dairy Hall Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne

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