How to compost at home

Posted by: Ren

Every year, I find myself frantically collecting areas of my life to improve. A decade ago in my 20s, these resolutions usually involved being thinner, richer, and more popular. You know, the really important stuff in life. As I get older though, my resolutions have begun to focus less on myself and more on those […]

Upcycling the vegetable drawer and pantr...

Posted by: Ren

Whether it be because you’ve scoured the reject bin, bought in bulk, or simply haven’t found the time to cook at home in awhile, there are ways to use up the verging-on rotten fruits in your pantry or refrigerator drawer. Below are five tips for ways to up-cycle aging foods in your kitchen: Plums, pears, […]

Cheese Plate 101

Posted by: Ren

So you volunteered to bring a cheese platter to your company cocktail party. It seemed easy enough at the time, but once faced with a refrigerator case full of cheeses at the store, it suddenly seemed like the most difficult decision you’ve been faced with all week. But wait! Don’t fear, you can put together […]

Super foods for a super feel

Posted by: Ren

One of my favorite stories was told to me like this: A friend’s roommate went to the dentist, curious to know why some teeth were beginning to feel loose. The dentist took a few glances in his mouth, poked and prodded, and sat back in his chair. “Tell me about your diet,” said the dentist. […]

5 cool baking hacks!

Posted by: Ren

How many times have you just returned from the store, only to realize- DOH! You got baking SODA instead of baking POWDER! You forgot the buttermilk! Personally, it isn’t unlikely for me to visit my local supermarket four or five times in a week, especially during holiday season when I’m known to bake for every […]

Ready, Set, Prep!

Posted by: Ren

Dinnertime on Monday can definitely set a mood for the rest of the week. If your first weekday dinner is frantic and unhealthy, it could potentially roll onto the next day. But how can we make the best choices for our families dinners’ in the limited time that we have? While Suzy Homemaker might have […]

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