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Feeding your baby – Month by Month...

Posted by: Scott Ko

The recent controversy with Pete Evans’ baby cookbook highlights the dangers of feeding infants improperly. Following investigations by the Department of Health, the baby cookbook has been shelved and for good reason. The book came under fire for a ‘ baby broth’ formula, which had vitamin A levels that exceeded ten times the maximum daily […]

02.10.15 Food for thought 0

Eating Safe in Summer

Posted by: Scott Ko

Dripping gelatos, hot summer sand and warm content nights. Who doesn’t love summer? Some of our favorite fruits are in season, which means we can smother our pavlova in berries and drown in endless watermelon and mango juices. Unfortunately, the warmer weather and outdoor eating may also cause an increased incidence of food poisoning. Bacteria […]

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What Exactly is a Paleo Diet?

Posted by: Scott Ko

It’s almost New Years Revolution Time, which means people are thinking about losing the christmas food belly and starting fresh for 2016. From gluten free to carb free to protein rich, the range of diets available on the market is staggering and confusing. The latest fad is the Paleo Diet popularised by celebrities (as always). […]

11.25.14 Food for thought 0

High Calorie Foods That Are Good For You

Posted by: Scott Ko

The sun is shining and summer is fast approaching. Some of us may be lamenting over our winter food bellies and casting a second thought to our food choices. Pizza and burgers are definitely out of the question, but not all high calorie foods are unhealthy. The following healthy foods are fantastic in moderation with […]

07.13.14 Food for thought 0

Guest blog: Eating like an adult vs eati...

Posted by: Scott Ko

When I went back for my masters (read: was poor again) I had an epiphany which I can only assume came from the sudden drop in nutrition that comes with eating ramen more than once a day. I am not going to eat like a student again at the age of 23. I am an […]

07.06.14 Food for thought 0

Shopping the perimeter

Posted by: Ren

A friend once gave me a very interesting piece of advice. She told me, that if I were ever in a hurry and looking to do a fast yet still healthy grocery shop (and, if I hadn’t prepared a list), just shop “around” the grocery store. Meaning, don’t go into the middle aisles, just keep […]

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