The Best Way to Store Your Fruits & Veggies

Posted by: Scott Ko

You have just returned from your weekly shopping trip picking up the essentials for your household, but have you ever wondered what is the way best to store different fruits and vegetables to prolong their ‘shelf’ life? Wonder no further.


Fruits such as berries need to be immediately refrigerated after purchase. Once these are picked, they won’t ripen any further. If you leave them at room temperature they will start to decay.

Room Temperature / Pantry 

Fruits such as kiwi, bananas and melons need to be ripened further before storing in the fridge. Store these at room temperature to allow them to ripen. Fruits produce a gas known as ethylene during the ripening process which is responsible for the softening in texture and colour changes. If you want your fruits to ripen faster, store them at room temperature in big fruit bowl to allow the ethylene to freely disperse between the fruits. Once they are ripe, put them back in the fridge to prolong their life. Another good tip is to de-clump or separate your bananas to slow the ripening process. Otherwise overly ripe bananas are great for making banana bread!

For more tips, see the image below:

How to store your fruits & veggies

How to store your fruits & veggies

If your interested in purchasing organic, do a google search on organic produce, a number of outlets should come up in your geographic region.  There are also many online services that deliver organic produce straight to your door.

My personal preference is going to the markets. ‘Vic Market Organics’ and ‘Ripe’ at Prahran markets are fantastic stalls. The employees are very knowledgeable and passionate about their produce and they stock a range of fresh and dried produce e.g pasta, quinoa, flour, chocolate (pictures below). So, if you live around those areas, make sure you give your local organic vendor a visit.

For other tips and tricks, check out this article on tools of the trade and fridge storage tricks.


1. Ripe Organics
Shop 7
Prahran Market
163 Commercial Rd

2. Vic Market Organics
I shed, stall 58-64
(opp. Therry St shops)

Image obtained from BuzzFeed

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