Aussie Day BBQ Recipes

Posted by: Scott Ko

Australia day is a day to celebrate Aussie mate ship, with a bottle of beer and a flaming BBQ. Most importantly, it is a public holiday, therefore one must eat and drink to their heart’s content. We’ve put together some Aussie BBQ favourites with an international twist, for you to try out on January 27th. Click on the links below to see the full recipes.

Spicy Chicken Wing Satay 

Who says you can’t do Asian flavours for BBQ’s? At our household we love a touch of soy sauce or Kecap Manis in marinades for that salty kick. Satay skewers are immensely popular as Asian street food, so it’s only natural that we adapt the concept to chicken wings. Satay and chicken make for a perfect couple



Lamb Chops w/ Minted Pee Puree 

Sam Kekovich sure loves his lamb. Quintessentially Australian, the humble lamb chop can be enjoyed on the Barbie or at any fine dining restaurant. The minted pea puree is also a fantastic addition to the naturally sweet flavours of lamb. But, for a barbeque some nice hot chips or potatoes will also do just fine.



Chimichurri Steak w/ Cos Salad 

Steak is already a godsend, but steak with chimichurri is amazingly delicious. It is a mixture of parsley, garlic, onion, oregano, sweet paprika and oil that provides a hint of acidity to a tender piece of meat. It’s really easy to make. Blending all the above ingredients and smearing it on top of a perfectly BBQ’d steak is perfection . The ‘condiment’ is popular in South America where it originates.


Tasmanian Pinkeye Potato Salad w/ Smoked Salmon

We love potatoes as much as Sam Gamgee. Of course any Australian BBQ is incomplete without a good potato salad. This one has a fancy twist, adding smoked salmon to the mix. It’s an interesting deviation to the norm , but is just as tasty.


For easy meal planning, don’t forget to add all these recipes to your meal plan.

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