4 things to consider when buying bulk food

Posted by: Vivian Trac

Two boxes of bananas for $10?! Bargain! Better stock up for that zombie apocalypse. Sure, buying food in bulk is generally considered to be a great way to save time and money, especially for larger households, but is it always the right choice?

  1. Is it cheaper? Not always, especially when it comes to fresh food. Ever bought a bunch of basil when you only needed a few leaves for a single recipe? Or a bag of carrots when you only needed 1? Food may end up costing more money especially if…
  2. You can’t finish food in time. If you’re constantly throwing out food because it’s going off before you can eat it, you’re needlessly wasting $1,000 in food each year. If you’re not wasting the food…
  3. Will you end up overeating? Buying a metric tonne of bananas because they were on special only to force feed yourself over the next few days isn’t really a healthy way to go. That said…
  4. Can you split the food with someone? With more people aware of the impacts on food and sustainability, little bulk food co-ops are popping up in communities, where you and your neighbours together bulk buy food and share the benefits. Everyone saves money, and no one’s wasting food!


For a guide on the best and worst foods to buy in bulk, check back with us in three weeks for the next Eat Better, Shop Smarter blog.


Editor’s note: I once remarked to my mother that I enjoyed eating red capsicum raw. The following day, she bought me a box of 20 red capsicums because: “They were on sale”. I ate 2 of them and had to throw out the rest.

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